What makes Instagram so popular among entrepreneurs? This is not only the accessibility of the social network as an advertising platform, but also a lot of opportunities for business development. See the link get more likes on instagram free for more details.
1. Show brand face
You can make customer relationships more personal. Photos and videos featuring your team and satisfied customers will help. Fill the feed with events of working days of employees, messages about events, reviews of grateful customers.
Flower farm staff at work

2. Be recognized as an expert
Develop your own expertise — bring useful information about the product or services to your audience. Let them see you as an expert — this increases the credibility of the brand. Post useful tips in pictures, show reviews, test drives, the production process in videos.
Good advice for tourists from Ostrovka

3. Collect data
Encourage dialogue by using the Survey feature in Stories. This will allow you to draw conclusions about the work of the company, to learn the opinion of consumers about your product, their preferences, to plan the range, to conduct various promotions. Business accounts also have access to analytics, in which you can find useful statistical information, such as the number of impressions and demographic data of subscribers.
Ikea Customer Voting for Favorite Items

4. Direct traffic to the site and your other pages
In «History» you can add active external links to direct users to your site, blog and accounts on other social networks. These links can add value to your audience and offer more useful content.
The story is intriguing and prompts you to go to the blog for more details.

5. Increase sales
With the help of Instagram, you can inform your USP, inform about sales and promotions, notify about the expansion of the range and the emergence of new services. A beautiful presentation will expand the reach, and an attractive offer will increase the number of purchases.
Delimobile announces replenishment of the fleet and gives gifts

6. Engage the audience
Stories is a unique Instagram tool. Short videos are fixed in the header of the account and are always in sight — important information will not be lost in the stream. With their help, you can announce hot promotions, one-day sales, publish answers to frequently asked questions, post viral content, hold contests, involving the audience.
Promotional offers Burger King is always in sight

7. Show in real time
Instagram has the ability to broadcast live. This can be useful for educational projects, bloggers, travel agents and many other companies who are ready to show fascinating moments and interesting events happening here and now. You can also conduct live quizzes, chat with subscribers in a question-answer format and interview interesting people involved in your business.